For conflict journalists, investigators and analysts


Geo-locate, monitor and share social media documenting war and crises anywhere on earth

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    Search multiple social media platforms simultaneously

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    Monitor satellite imagery locations, keywords or social media accounts

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    Add discovered social media accounts to multi-platform source lists

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conflict monitoring
Conflict Monitoring

Discover eyewitness social media documenting global war, from Syria to Ukraine

digital investigations
Digital Investigations

Investigate war crimes, weapons proliferation or criminal activity anywhere on earth

crisis response
Crisis Response

Rapidly identify people and places needing help in natural disasters or humanitarian crises

Facility Security
Facility Security

Monitor location-based social media to help keep places, homes and offices safe

social media

Data Sources

Search and monitor multiple social-media platforms simultaneously

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About WarWire

For conflict journalists, investigators and analysts

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WarWire leverages inexpensive, yet powerful technologies to help people more efficiently cover, investigate, and respond to global war and crises. WarWire began through our work using publicly available social media to cover the Syrian Civil War from Amman, Jordan. Every day, men and women inside Syria are snapping photos and recording videos to share their stories through public information channels -data we can use to cover war crimes, military operations, and weapons proliferation hundreds of miles away.

The process of collecting and analyzing open-source information is, however, complex and time consuming; people like you and me must peer through the collective fogs of war, distance, and language to assess the vast volume and variety of open-source data covering world conflict and crises.

WarWire accelerates how long it takes to find, sort, and make sense of data coming out of world crisis and conflict zones. We want to help document human-rights violations as they occur, map and respond to disasters as they strike, and track small arms as they journey from battlefields to cityscapes. We think technology can help us do it faster and cheaper than ever before.